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The Chaos Coordinators of Charleston


Professional Organization Consultants

 Highly qualified experts in decluttering, organizing, design
and finding the next best meal!

It’s probably safe to say that we have an undiagnosed problem, but we can’t help it…

We are always on the lookout for how to create more order and beauty in the world.

So we decided to focus our unquenchable desire for order to help you transform your home.

We specialize in downsizing, new home organization and organizational design for specific areas of the home
including kitchens, closets, pantries, offices and more.

More About Us

Ready To Finally Tackle That Project You Planned in 1997?

(We Know, The Struggle IS Real!)

Check Out Our Recent Projects For Inspiration.

Conquer The Clutter (+ Your Anxiety).
And Bring Your Space To Life.

The thought of conquering your clutter can be like a one-way ticket to Anxietyville.

As much as we love to declutter, we also know, it requires a co-creative approach to help our clients through the process.

We take the time to find out what you truly love and need, then use it in just the right ways to bring your space to life like you’ve never experienced before. (Warning: Your friends may be secretly jealous of the outcome).