About Me

Hi! I’m Tanner

Intuitive Money Transformation Strategist

I Work With You To MANIFEST Your Deepest CAREER & Financial Desires INTO REALITY, Stress Free.

After experiencing severe financial and emotional trauma where I went into a large amount of debt and lost everything I owned, I figured out how to heal the trauma. Once I did, I began to expand my career and financial life at an extremely rapid pace.

I learned on my path that it’s often unhealed financial and emotional trauma that we carry around as energy, that doesn’t allow us to expand to the next level both in our career and financially.

It is just when we are in the midst of manifesting an up-level in our career and finances that everything can breakdown especially if we don’t know how to properly navigate the cycle of creation.

It’s my mission to help you heal your money trauma and understand the mechanics behind the cycles of creation, so you can break through the patterns that keep you just out of reach of your BIGGEST and MOST EXCITING career and financial goals!

Through my course, The Own Your Worth Program, I teach you how to navigate and follow the soul-led process of expansion using the principles of the Law of Attraction, so you can create the career, lifestyle and wealth you truly desire.

Professional Bio

Tanner Kennedy is a certified Life Coach and obtained her B.A. in Psychology from Stetson University in 2004.

After changing careers and industries several times while continually up-leveling her income, she learned the formula for creating career, financial and emotional success. 

Her work and programs focuses on mastering both the practical and emotional healing aspects of career and financial growth to help women step into their full potential.

She runs the online career and money transformation course, The Own Your Worth Program, and offers exclusive 1:1 coaching to a select number of clients each year.